10 Easy steps to do SEO YourSelf

10 Easy steps to do SEO Yourself

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to boost your website’s ranking in search engines results pages. There are so many SEO experts out there; if you want a quick boost in your website’s rank while spending money, you should hire an expert, or if you are not in a hurry, you can do it by yourself by following these 10 Easy SEO steps. But these techniques are off-page; you need to do On-page SEO First then this will affect more By Doing Good on-page SEO.

Find Your Niche:

The first step is finding your website’s Niche. The first thing is, what is Niche? Niche is the type or category of your website. This is a straightforward and quick task. When you built your website, you should know your website’s primary purpose. What kind of role your website performs? For example, I made a website that sells garments online in Boston. It means my niches should be “E-commerce.” That is how you can find your websites Niche.

Set The Best Keyword to Rank for:

After finding your Niche Second step is setting the best keyword for your website. Setting keyword means you will tell Google or any other search engine that your website should appear in the results if some search the exact or relevant keyword term. This process can be done quickly by following instructions. Go to google and search for a phrase pertinent to your niche or category. Following our previous example, we will search for the keyword related to the online garments shop, which is very easy. I will search for online garments. Yes, this is a perfect keyword we should set this keyword for our website to rank for. But wait, if this is an ideal keyword, may some have already taken this keyword for their website because we have competitors as well. It means it will be complicated for us the appear in search by setting this keyword. So, what should we do now? Ok, forget that keyword. Look for a more long-tail keyword that has less importance than a shorter keyword. For example, online garments in Boston. Does this keyword look broader to your website? Yes, because this keyword is not only targeting your website, but this keyword is also specifying the location. It means if someone has a garments shop in New York, then that particular website will appear in the search results.

SO, it means we can set a keyword for our website. Do you understand how we can set keywords? You can select multiple keywords for your website as well.

Find Competitors:

The third step is Finding Competitors. This is a super easy trick, but first, we need to understand why we need to find competitors? Finding competitors can help us know how we can build backlinks (Backlinks will be explained below. Don’t worry.) Now search for your relevant keyword in a google search; it will show plenty of results. These are all could be your competitors or many some be not. You have to check them manually by opening some sites. After you have found your competitors contain their organic keywords and backlinks websites. You should go there and build your backlinks as well. This help improves in search result quicker.

Search Engine Submissions:

The fourth step is search engine submissions. Search engine submission is adding your website to the search engine’s database so that these search engines could show your website in search results. If you do not submit your website to a search engine, finding keywords and competitors is a waste of time because search engines do not know about your website. Search engine submission is like connecting your website with a search engine. You do it using different techniques; there are plenty of websites that make search engine submission.

Blog Commenting:

The fifth Step is Blog Commenting. This step important for making backlinks. Now first understand what back linking is? Back linking is when we attach our website’s link to another website with the same category. Now blog commenting is adding comments to different websites regarding your website. Adding a word is a trick first; you will talk about the blog on which you are commenting; after that, tell a short story about your company; after that, add a link at the bottom using your relevant keyword. This is how google will understand when it will visit this site and check for this comment. When it reaches the keyword and the link behind the keyword, it will know that this keyword is serving our website.

Forum Submissions:

The sixth one is Forum submission. This technique is also suitable for generating traffic to your website. In this technique, usually, we go to some forum website and discuss with people and engage them. Find forums online by searching on google most famous are Quora, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr. After that, it will promotes you to sign if you have not created your account in their make your account and login. Search for the relevant Niche in the category section, discuss with the community, and drop your link in there—these techniques are so good for generating high-quality backlinks.

Image Submissions:

The seventh Step is Image submission. In this step, we submit the image with description and alternate text to different image submission sites. The most famous is Pinterest. Image submission also helps find your business by google using image search. And it generates quality backlinks as well.

Free Classified Submissions:

Number eight is classified submission. Classified submission is posting your website add on different websites by choosing your specific category. You can find a different website with classified submissions by the search for them on google.

PDF Submissions:

PDF submission is also SEO Techniques. In these techniques, we submit the pdf file of your content to different websites; this also gives backlinks and generates more traffic on your site. In the pdf file, you will specify some details about your website. And will add keywords as well.

Ping Submissions:

Ping submission is just like search engine submissions. In ping submission, we usually submit a link of different work we have done for our website; if we have commented, we will submit a link to the ping submission site. This will help appear this comment in search results which also generate quality backlinks.


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