Google Algorithm Updates November 2021

Google Algorithm Updates November 2021

In this world, we are using advanced technology. So, that’s why everyone needs to update things. Suppose you have been using the google chrome browser for many years. You can see nowadays that Google updated their algorithm day by day. If Google doesn’t update their algorithm, then users’ trust will be decreased, and the users of google leave cause of updating reasons and other matters. 

I’m telling you some updates regarding Google, Facebook, Instagram. I hope my article is really helpful to you. Let’s get started!

October 4 2021: 

You know that the Facebook services went down for more than 6 hours. It is a very bad effect on the user’s experience. Even that, many of the people runs the campaign. All the campaigns will be removed the cause of this reason. That’s why the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg think about changing the parent company of all the Facebook Brands like Instagram and WhatsApp. 

October 6 2021:

Google search console will show more data structured data errors when you see the rich results report. Google will show mistakes more clearly and more additional. Even that Daniel Weisberg from the Google team will add 5 points on Twitter.

 The new errors can appear in some SD types.

If you have them, you will get more details in the UI.

  1. invalid attribute string length
  2. invalid attribute enum value
  3. invalid object
  4. Type conversion failed.
  5. Out of numeric range.

October 7 2021:

Google Ads announced a new climate policy for advertisers and publishers. No one can run ads against climate change policies. If somebody goes against the google policies, your ads will be removed from google. Your effort and money will be wasted. So, be aware and try to fulfil the latest google algorithm updates and google policies in 2021. 

October 8 2021:

Google published another document for auto-generation of Meta titles and Meta descriptions.

October 11 2021:

Google unified the look and features of search tools and URL inspection tools.

October 14 2021:

Google murdered the most famous SEO Joke! When you reach the bottom of the first page of Google. The second page will be automatically loaded, and you can see the results of the second page. Remember that these results are not infinite. Google will show scrollable results of only the first four pages if any user needs more results. They can be going after scrollable of 4th-page google will show you the see more results button. Users can click and go to the 5th page. 

October 18 2021:

Microsoft Bing and Yandex launched the index-now protocol. It is an excellent function of indexing pages and blog posts. The main purpose of this function is to tell all the search engines that crawl this page and blog, and indexed-now means instantly indexed. 

October 19 2021:

This update is for Instagramers who are using Instagram on Desktop Systems. Now you can post photos and videos (under a minute) on a personal computer. Desktop Personal Computer Browser directly to Instagram. 

Also, in another update of October 19 2021, Google updated the rater guidelines document. 

October 21 2021:

Microsoft announced the integration with Shopify like Google Merchant. 

October 25 2021:

Google Analytics API get support for Google discovers. Google news and Regex. 

October 27 2021:

Google offers more control over their images to younger users. Suppose any younger want to remove your pictures. They have the option to remove your photos. 

October 28 2021:

Google loosen the strict (unique product identifier) UPI policy on free merchant centre listings. 

October 28 2021:

Facebook renames the parent company, Meta. Facebook officially change its name on that day. 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg intends to announce the name change at its yearly Connect conference on October 28, but it is suspected to be revealed sooner, Verge reports.


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