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How to Add Sitemap in WordPress Website

What is HTML Sitemap and how to add sitemap in wordpress?

HTML sitemap link to your website, it increases the number of internal linking of your website for seo purpose. It also makes it easier to navigate your website.  we are telling you how to add the sitemap in wordpress. But I want to tell you about the sitemap first.

A sitemap is a blueprint of your website that help search engines to find the information of your website, crawl and index your website content. A sitemap is an XML file and HTML file where you provide information about your web pages, images, videos on your website it makes the relationship between them. Search engine read your sitemap then crawl your website more efficiently.

Is sitemap important for SEO?

Make sure that the search engine can find the data of your website using sitemap then crawl your website and index your website content, images, videos and web pages. It useful for people searching for specific page on your website.

How to generate the sitemap of your website?

We are here to tell you the steps that how to generate the xml sitemap on your website. so follows the steps are as given below;

Step 1: Open the XML-Sitemaps website.

Step 2: Put the URL of your website.

Step 3: Click to generate Sitemap.

Step 4: Download the generated XML sitemap file.

Step 5: Upload the XML sitemap file on your website’s root folder in C-Panel.

How do I optimize a sitemap?

There are three prioritize high quality pages in your sitemap. I mentioned the steps are a given below;

Highly optimized.

Include images and videos

Create unique content.

User’s engagements through comment and reviews.

Best tools to generate sitemap?

There are many tools of generating the sitemap. You can choose anyone and get the sitemap file. I m telling some tools are as given below;

Power Mapper

Mind node

Write maps

Slick plan.

Does Google use XML sitemap?

Google is using your XML sitemap. Because sitemap is working like the table of content of any book. If you add the sitemap in google search console, its very easy to google crawling and indexing. Otherwise google will not crawl properly of your website.


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