How to Create Do follow Backlinks in 2021

How to Create Do follow Backlinks in 2021

If you want to know that How to Create Do follow Backlinks in 2021. We will tell you in this article.  In SEO, backlinking is a well-known strategy that everyone is hungry to get do-follow backlinks of your website. Google had launched the concept of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. Do-follow means that you allow Google that you follow this hyperlink. After qualifying, Google will visit your page, crawl your website and also index your web page. After this process, Google will give you some authority over your website. That is called the Domain authority of your website. The do-follow links are trustworthy links that will be helpful to your website. 

If you need to link to another website, you don’t trust it. Because they will change the relation rel=no follow in the hyperlink. If you get no-follow backlinks, then you will not get high-quality backlinks. Because in the case of no-follow, google will not follow this given link. That is a no-follow link. You will get a click from users and click.

Do-follow links are the backlinks that will make your page rank higher in search engine results. 

Best Ways to Create High-Quality Do-follow Backlinks in 2021 for free.

Google Search Console:

Let’s suppose you have done the article on your website. But you want to index as soon as possible. You go to google and do some tricks, but you don’t get success. So you will ask your team and others how to index my article, my page. You are still looking to google when google comes to my website and index my latest blog post or web page.

The simple way is to index your web page or blog post. First, open the Google search console. Then, copy the URL of your web page or blogpost, paste it in the URL inspection area, and enter. After analyzing, google will show some results that your URL exists on google or not. If it shows that this URL is not on google, you can see the option “Request Indexed” as below the result. Click on it. After processing, it will show you a popup that requests indexed is to be done; after some time, Google will come on the specific URL and index your web page or blog post.

Google News:

The top authority source is Google News. When you submit an article or blog post on google news, you can get the do-follow backlinks and indexing of your article or blog post. In addition, your post gets featured on major news websites.

There are some steps to get the do-follow backlinks from Google news.

  1. Go to Google News Publisher Centre.
  2. Login with your Gmail.
  3. Click on Add Publication.
  4. Fill in all the required information
  5. Click “Review and Publish” and wait for Google to approve your content. 

Feed Burner:

If you know about RSS or RSS feed management, you know that bloggers select the feed as it gives you a custom option to manage your Simple syndication.

So, you have a chance for your website to generate a good source and get high-quality do-follow backlinks as well.


You already know about the Moz tool. It is the best SEO tool ever. Moz shows you the domain authority and page authority of your website. And also, it shows you the spam score and Links.

If you want to get a do-follow link from Moz. Follow these steps are as given below;

  1. Create an account on 
  2. Complete your profile. 
  3. Start blog commenting.
  4. Reach up to 200-500 Moz Points.
  5. Get a removal feature of the “no-follow” attribute from the first URL in your profile.

Pod Bean:

If your voice is fantastic, the best way of marketing is to Podcast. You can record your audio and post it on pod-bean to get do-follow backlinks.

Product Hunt:

Product Hunt is a well-known platform where users can submit and share the brand of any product or service.

There is some important reason you should create Do-follow Backlinks.

  1. Do-Follow backlinks improve your page ranking in search engine results.
  2. These backlinks help your content to rank high search volume keywords.
  3. It ensures your blog or article fulfills to Google Algorithm of creating backlinks.
  4. Use these techniques to make your page rank higher and generate revenue. 

How to create more High-Quality Do-Follow Backlinks?

It is imperative to get high-quality do-follow backlinks to your website. You can use off-page SEO techniques to get high-quality backlinks. I mentioned some SEO techniques in 2021 are as given below; 

  1. Profile creation
  2. Content Posting
  3. Social Networking
  4. Business Listing


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