Local SEO Checklist 2021

Local SEO Checklist 2021

What is local SEO and Local SEO Checklist 2021?

Local SEO is a well-known SEO technique that helps your business to be more visible in local search results in all search engines. Every company has a physical location or serves a geographical area. It’s a significant benefit of your local SEO. We also mentioned the Local SEO checklist 2021 are as given below; Read must take about the local SEO checklist because local SEO is also a part of SEO which you are doing.

Why do I need local SEO?

Local SEO helps your business. If you don’t have any website and need more traffic from your website, you need local SEO of your company; otherwise, you can’t grow your business and can’t generate lead and conversion. Your products should be shown with title, description, and price. If you had done good local SEO, they could get a high conversion rate.

Who benefits from local SEO?

There are some benefits of local SEO. I mentioned the benefits are as given below;

Improve online Visibility.

Build a community

More Relevant Traffic

Local Return Customers

Build Trust and Authority

Reduce Ad Costs

Increased Sales


How do you perform local SEO?

There are some steps to perform the Local SEO.

  • Create a google my business account.
  • Get regular reviews from Happy Customers.
  • Optimize for Voice Search
  • Create Content Based on Local News Stories or Events.
  • Optimize your website for mobile.
  • Hone in on local keywords.
  • Use Location Pages or a Location Specific “Home” Page.

What is local SEO citation?

In SEO terms, a local citation refers to any mention of your company online. This could be in a business directory, an industry-specific site, a blog, or a local website. However, local citations can help you rank in local search results. They are no longer a significant ranking factor.

Local SEO Checklist 2021

There are some points of the local SEO checklist 2021. I mentioned the issues as given below;

1. Know your ranking factors. It’s a big issue to know and resolves the problems of your website ranking factors. There are eight most important factors to keep in mind.

  1. Link signals.
  2. On-page signals
  3. Behavioral signals
  4. Google My Business Account
  5. Citation Signals
  6. Personalization
  7. Review Signals
  8. Social Signals

If your content doesn’t produce backlinks, it means it’s a ranking factor of your overall website ranking.

2. Optimize your domain:

A domain name is also a local SEO ranking factor. Try to buy a domain and try to use keywords in your domain name. It’s a good SEO ranking factor for your website. Run a site crawl to clear all issues.

  • Duplicate content.
  • Zombie pages.
  • Broken links
  • Accessibility
  • Indexability
  • Missing Metadata.

You can do a local SEO audit using the best SEO tools like SEMrush and Screaming Frog.

Explore more ways to enhance it directly.

Optimize your website:

Title Tags:

Insert keyword in your title tags.

Meta Description:

The same goes for meta description and also use the local keyword if it makes sense.


Use image alt text and captions to expand your keywords.

XML Sitemap:

Generate the XML sitemap for your website.

Contact information:

You mentioned the contact details on your websites like Name, Address, Phone number, email, etc.

3. Optimize Google My Business:

Google My Business (GMB) is the primary network for feeding search engines contextualized local content and information about your company. Your data and data are stored in Google My Business against your specific keyword. Your results will be shown in Google Maps, Local 3-packs, Google Posts, and more.

4. Make Social Media Accounts:

You can now make social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. I mentioned you the best business directory list are as given below;

  1. Facebook (Domain Authority = 100)
  2. Apple Maps (Domain Authority = 100)
  3. Google My Business (Domain Authority = 100)
  4. LinkedIn Company Directory (Domain Authority = 98)
  5. Bing (Domain Authority = 94)
  6. Yelp (Domain Authority = 94)
  7. Better Business Bureau (Domain Authority = 93)
  8. Foursquare (Domain Authority = 92)
  9. MapQuest (Domain Authority = 92)
  10. HubSpot (Domain Authority = 91)
  11. Yellow Pages (Domain Authority = 91)
  12. Angies List (Domain Authority = 91)
  13. Yahoo (Domain Authority = 91)
  14. Manta (Domain Authority = 87)
  15. Merchant Circle (Domain Authority = 86)
  16. Super Pages (Domain Authority = 84)
  17. Thumbtack (Domain Authority = 82)
  18. Local.com (Domain Authority = 77)
  19. Yellow Book (Domain Authority = 83)
  20. Kudzu.com (Domain Authority = 76)

5. Encourage User Reviews and Rating:

Suppose you are doing great business and had made google my business account. Your clients and customers will give you the best reviews and ratings. Try to satisfied your clients or customers; then, they will share ratings and reviews on your business. When you get too many reviews and ratings, your business will grow and rank in search engines as local SEO.

6. Generate High-Quality Backlinks and Referral Traffic:

The next step is to generate the high-quality backlinks of your website. Focus on your niche; I mean, get the backlinks from related websites; otherwise, your backlinks will not be acceptable in google search engines and others search engines. So, generate high-quality backlinks to your website and get ranking in search engine results.

7. Mobile Usability:

You know that Google launched the mobile crawler in 2021 for crawling the website and indexing your website in search engine results. So that’s why your website should be mobile-friendly. It’s a significant ranking factor for your website. Mobile-friendliness is a top 10 ranking factor, and you know that 60% of all searches are conducted on mobile devices.

8. Google Mobile Friendly Test:

Use Google’s Mobile-friendly Test to see how your website appears on mobile screens and how many changes you want to be changed to your website.

If content is interesting then you can explore more topics about SEO like On Page SEO Checklist 2021, Keyword Research in SEO and More.

I hope that this article will be helpful to you. I have mentioned the maximum fundamentals concepts. But if you think some things can be added to the content, you can tell in the comment section.



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