On Page SEO Checklist 2021

On Page SEO Checklist 2021

What is on-page SEO?

On-page optimization is a technical process of boosting your website. Keyword Selection is the first option for your website. Because, after choosing the keywords, generate high-quality backlinks for your website. In On-page SEO, there are many things to do in on-page SEO. We are talking about on-page SEO checklist 2021 are as given below;

Why is On-Page SEO important in 2021?

On-page SEO ensures not only high-quality content and better rankings but also requires continuous monitoring to improve. Be sure to track your metrics on a dashboard. It’s also important to keep in mind that rankings fluctuate each time content is indexed.

Focus Keyphrase:

Choose the focus Keyphrase of your web page; you can move forward and do the best SEO.

Focus Keyphrase
Focus Keyphrase – Best SEO Blogging

SEO Title:

When you are searching in any search engine, it shows multiple results against your keywords; in results, you can see the titles in the results of your first page. So, add the SEO Title of your website pages and use focus keyphrase are as given below;

SEO Title
SEO Title – Best SEO Blogging

Meta Description:

In Search Results, under the SEO Title, a meta description will be there; this description should be relevant to your website page. So, write the meta description of your web page, use the appropriate description, and use the focus Keyphrase in the meta description.

Meta Description
Meta Description – Best SEO Blogging

The key phrase in the introduction:

Your Keyphrase or its synonyms do not appear in the first paragraph of your website page content. It is telling you that these are all checklists of the on-page SEO. Must use the focus keywords and suggested keywords in your content. Because it’s a significant ranking factor.


Image Alt Tag:

Along with the website, we also need to do SEO of the images. So, fill in all the image alt tags; otherwise, your website’s images are not optimized. Afterward, your image will show in google or other search engine results.

Image Alt Tag
Image Alt Tag – Best SEO Blogging

Inbound Links:

You link to another page of your website on every page of your website; this method is called inbound links or internal linking.

Outbound Links:

Same away, on every page of your website, you link the third-party website in your web page; this process is called outbound links, or external linking.

Minimum 300 Words:

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress site, Yoast mentions that you can use a minimum of 300 words on every web page.

You can see that there is the on-page SEO checklist 2021.

How do you do on-page SEO of your website step by step?
  1. Crawl your website.
  2. Conduct an SEO audit and define your site architecture.
  3. Update URLs, page titles, and meta descriptions.
  4. Make sure that your keyword is in your URL.
  5. Add your keyword throughout your page.
  6. Track keywords and topics for each page.
  7. Don’t keyword stuff.
How do you analyze on-page SEO?
  • Check Your Visibility on Google.
  • Check URLs and Meta Descriptions.
  • Analyze Titles and Headings.
  • Evaluate Incoming Links.
  • Analyze Your Spam Score.
  • Check Your Internal Links.
  • Investigate For Broken Links.
  • Analyze Your Website Content.
How do you do a good on-page SEO?
  1. Be Relevant:

Relevance is the most critical part of on-page SEO, which means aligning your content with search intent.

  1. Be Thorough:

Having content that widely aligns with search intent is a good start, but it’s rarely enough.

  1. Be Unique
  2. Be Clear


On-Page SEO Ranking Factor in 2021


On Page SEO Factors
On Page SEO Factors – Best SEO Blogging

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