Technical SEO Checklist 2021

Technical SEO Checklist 2021

What is technical SEO and Technical SEO Checklist 2021?

Technical SEO  Checklist 2021 is optimizing the technical issues that help the search engine spider’s crawlers and index your website correctly. It helps to increase the organic ranking.

Why is technical SEO important?

This type of SEO allows search engines like Bing and Google to know that you have a high-value website. This thing is essential because it can prompt the search engines to rank you higher.

Essential benefits of Technical SEO?

There are some important benefits of technical SEO are as given below;

  1. Proper crawling and indexing
  2. Sitemaps for easy access
  3. Faster web page loading
  4. No dead links
  5. Secured website

Technical SEO Factors (Techniques)

  1. Use SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

Your website should be secured from an SSL certificate. Suppose your website is not secure it’s a significant ranking factor and also a technical SEO factor. To install the SSL certificate of your website and go forward.

  1. Website loading speed

You must know that the speed of your website should be perfect. The speed of your website will be excellent then you will get ranking in search engines. Website loading speed is also a technical SEO factor.

  1. Canonical issue:

A way to telling the search engine that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page.

  1. txt: 

Add the robot.Txt file to your website. It’s a text file telling the web robots which pages on your website to crawl. It also says to the website robots which pages are not crawled.

  1. Broken links:

Check your website pages; If any draft page or broken link page, you should be removed that specific broken link or page.

  1. Sitemap XML:

Add the sitemap.xml to your website. Because its help like the table of content of any book. After install, google knows how many pages of your website and which one page is crawled or not.

  1. W3C Validation:

W3c is the process of checking your website code to determine if it follows the correct formatting standards. Failure to validate your code against these standards could include your website suffering errors if your traffic numbers are not as high as they could be due to poor readability.

  1. Sitemap HTML:

Also, install the sitemap.html on your website. It increases your internal linking for SEO purposes, creating a more interconnected website. It also makes to navigate your website, which is considered a plus in the world of SEO.

  1. Mobile friendly:

Your website should be mobile-friendly. Use the lightweight theme and removed all the un-used things on your website. Otherwise, your site will not be mobile-friendly. Your website should be responsive, and the speed of your website is very fast.

  1. Google Analytics Code:

Create an account in google analytics and submit your website in analytics; google analytics will give you a JS Code. You copy that code and add the head section of your website. After doing it, you can see the stats of your website. You can see the traffic, users, bounce rate, sessions of your website, and much more.

  1. Submit website on Search Console:

After buying a new domain, the first thing is to submit the website in google search console and Bing, etc., it’s significant for your website. After submitted, google knows about your website. Google will come and visit your website correctly and crawl your website pages, and will be indexed your web pages.

Is technical SEO skills?

Technical SEO is also a part of SEO. We are checking the issues on our website; we will discuss more technical SEO as given below. It’s a skill, and if you are an expert in resolving these technical issues, you can be called the technical SEO specialist. SEO is a high-speed field, and technical SEO is the smallest part of the whole SEO. It would help if you skilled in technical SEO are as given below;

  • Social media marketing
  • Link building
  • Usability
  • Content marketing

How can I learn technical SEO?

We are here and available for you. Our expert will guide you on how to learn technical SEO Checklist 2021. It takes some time you be patient, continuously learning; I mean, read this article concentrate—the best way to start the learning. You have to be a smartphone or system and also a good internet connection. Read the article must and do the practice.

How you do the technical SEO audit?

There are many free tools which are providing the best technical SEO audit.

I recommend you; it’s a free tool for everyone. There are some important steps that can do the technical SEO audit.

  1. Crawl your website to identify the issues.
  2. Review and optimize your sitemap.
  3. Improve your website speed.
  4. Do a link profile audit.
  5. Make sure there is only one browser on your website.
  6. Check the HTTPS content.
  7. Conduct an on-page SEO audit.
  8. Use analytics to compare site metrics
  9. Re-crawl your website

How much does the technical SEO audit cost?

Suppose you want to do a technical SEO checklist 2021 and technical SEO audit yourself without investing money. If you are using paid SEO tools, then the cost of paid tools would be the only cost that you would have to pay.

How do you perform a technical SEO audit in 15 steps?

  1. Check your website is mobile-friendly or not.
  2. Make sure google indexes one version of your website
  3. Speed up your website
  4. Find and delete unused pages.
  5. Find and fix the indexing issues.
  6. Check your organic traffic
  7. Improve your on-page SEO
  8. Setup keyword rank tracking
  9. Analyze your backlinks
  10. Fix broken links
  11. Competitors Analysis
  12. Make your content unique and better
  13. Optimize for UX Signals
  14. Flatten your website architecture
  15. Launch a skyscraper post

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